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International car shipping - know how to ship your vehicle overseas from Gateways

RoRo Shipping:
RORO or "Roll On/Roll Off" Shipping is a method by which vehicles are transported overseas. If you are moving and want to ship your car too, this is definitely the easiest way to do it. The car will be driven onto a large ocean shipping vessel and secured in place with braces to prevent movement.
Exclusive container:
Your car can be shipped overseas in an exclusive container. The car will be driven into the container (usually 20' x 40') and secured in place. You will have sole access and control of the container-even the keys will be handed over to you.

Consolidation in a high cube 40' container:
You can share container space by consolidating the shipping of your car with other vehicles. Three to four cars will be loaded via specially designed mechanical cranes in a 40' container, and the remaining space will be used to transport motorcycles.

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