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Shipping Cars to Dubai

Shipping cars to Dubai is possible only if one could find a reliable international shipping company. That is why, it is important to do some research about the company to rely on because making the right decision will lead to a hassle-free transportation of the car. The owner does not have to endure jaw-dropping expenses too.

There are different ways on how the vehicle can be transported to Dubai. Among the more popular options include using a container. For vintage or luxury vehicles, people usually opt for an exclusive container. This means that it will kept locked inside until the owner shows up and opens it. For a more cost-efficient means, some people opt for transfer via roro. It is also a safe method and the price is usually cheaper.

Payment Concerns

Aside from the fees which have to be settled for the car shipping company’s services, car owners also need to consider the payments for taxes and other fees at the port of destination. Before the vehicle is released by the customs in Dubai, the authorities would need to ensure first if the customs duties have already been settled. VAT is usually added to the total costs too.

Owner of the vehicle need to settle the taxes and duties. They should be provided with a receipt or proof of payment. These should be kept because they may be required in getting the registration for the vehicle.

Eligibility of the Vehicle

Before even going through with the shipping procedure, it is ideal to check with the Dubai government first if the make and model of the car is fitting for the country. For example, some vehicles which are made in the US are not ideal to be imported to Dubai because of the warm climate there. Vehicles which are not designed for such weather would be rendered useless. Sometimes, a vehicle can not be imported simply because the tint on the windows is too dark.

Required Documentations

An organized paperwork for the car will help the owner in avoiding delays in the process. That way, he/she could use the car in the streets of Dubai in no time. Documents which should come from the owner of the vehicle include the purchase invoice, current car registration and a copy of the owner’s driver’s license. The car owner would also need the help of the international car importing company in coming up with the shipping documents and embassy attestations.

If the vehicle is manufactured after 1997 or 1998 it is important to get an NOC or No Objection Certificate. This comes from the Ministry of Finance and Industry. It applies for any make or model of vehicle.

The process of paying the fees and settling all the documents seem like a tedious process. The good news is that with the help of a reliable international car shipping company, all these details can be accomplished without any fuss. Before agreeing to any offers from a particular company, it is best to request for their quotations first. Compare the rates and see which one is the cost-efficient choice.