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Car Shipping to Hawaii

Shipping your vehicle to Hawaii is much easier if you will let us handle the procedure for you. Our years of experience in the business have made us familiar with regulations and standards which need to be followed when shipping cars to Hawaii.

Shipping Procedure

Vehicles that are privately owned or POVs can be imported to Hawaii. It is important to have it registered within 10 days after its arrival. This is applicable for vehicles which came from other states within the US, as well as other countries. When it comes to plates, US registered plates do not need to be changed. However, it is still necessary to obtain a Hawaii registration sticker.

Use Tax or Form G-27

The Use Tax has to be settled by individuals who want their cars shipped to Hawaii. There are cases when there is no need to deal with this tax. It happens if importation is done by a car dealer, a military personnel who is still in service or local government personnel. Individuals who have also paid taxes to the US government may be exempted from this too.

Preparing for the Car Shipping

Here are some of the things that you need to settle if you intend to have your car shipped to Hawaii:

  • Duplicate the keys for the doors, compartment, gas panel, glove compartment and other locked parts of the vehicle. Take note that you need to keep the original keys and only duplicates will be given to the company.

  • Provide copies of the documentations such as existing car registration, insurance documents, proof of ownership, sales invoice and others.

  • It is possible to have a leased or loaned car transferred to Hawaii. However, it should be accompanied by a documentation which states that the lending institution is aware and in favor of it. It should be notarized too.

  • If the shipping customer is not the owner that is indicated on the registration, then the actual car owner needs to provide certification that is also notarized.

Safety Precautions

As an owner, it is important to also take necessary precautions before handing your car to us. Here are some tips on how to keep your car safe during the shipping process:

  • The car tank should only be half-filled or less. Transporting a car with full tank of gasoline can be hazardous. If the car has propane tank, consult the manufacturer about the specific instructions on how to keep it safe during shipping.

  • Remove all personal belongings. Accessories inside the car which has the tendency to become loose or detached should be removed. This includes cup holders, food trays, CD carriers, air fresheners, car phones and others.

  • Ideally, the safety alarm should be disabled.

  • Check if the gas tank, break fluid and oil for the car are leak-proof.

  • The car should be in good running condition too to make maneuvering much easier. If not, the owner has to disclose this to the company before shipping because extra equipment and manpower is needed to have it transported.

  • If the climate is cool, make sure that the engine and transmission are well protected.

Entrusting the shipment of your car to us is a wise decision. We will give you the best services without jaw dropping fees.