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International car shipping quote

When your international relocation is unavoidable and you have finalized the plans, it becomes imminent that a reputed moving company is finalized for moving your goods and vehicles. The first question that comes to your mind is the expense involved. It is not advisable to go with the international car shipping quote taken from just one company, as there are several factors that need to be taken into account before finalizing one. It may look really terrible that you may have to run around for getting more quotes. But, to your great relief, there is an easier method to get the quotes. It is the online form available to you, where you just need to provide the details of your requirements. We take it along from there, get you free international car shipping quotes from more than one moving companies. You just need to compare the prices quoted and the services offered by these companies to finalize one. And remember, all this is done totally free of cost!!

Understanding the quote:

The shipping quote has many key factors that you need to be aware of. You must have a clear understanding of these factors to decide on the one to serve your purpose. You must find out if the price includes the distance covered by the company to ship the car. This will help in deciding the expense involved in moving the car. There are also certain charges in the international car shipping quote that you need to pay. They are insurance, fuel cost, the temporary storage rent, driver’s fee, and the security of the vehicle.

Mode of transportation:

How the car is being transported is an important factor that determines the quote. While moving by containers in the ship may cost you less, the time factor creeps in. You can get the vehicle moved fast when you opt for the air route and you must be prepared to spend more for this.

Condition of the car:

The model and make of the car also has an impact on the international car shipping quote. This is because each model requires a different method of security measures, such as classic or vintage cars. If your car is not in a running condition and yet you want to transport it, the price is higher for this service. The size and weight of the vehicle also has a say in finalizing the international car shipping quote. If you have opted for door-to-door delivery facility, then you may get a higher quote.

Timing the move:

It is also essential that the moving company is booked in advance as there will be greater demand closer to the time of your travel and you may land up with a higher international car shipping quote. The season that you choose to move is also important. It is advisable to move during off seasons as the charges will be less and you will pay more during peak seasons such as summers.

Insurance cover:

Also find out if the insurance coverage the company has for the car is sufficient to cover the value of the car. Else, you may need to get extra insurance to cover the full value of the vehicle. Additional facilities such as tracking system, facility to clear the vehicle through the customs and taxes, and delivering the vehicle at the new location are also charged in the international car shipping quote.


It is very essential that you understand the factors that determine preparing the international car shipping quote. In order to get a fair deal, you must get as many quotes as possible and compare them patiently. The one with better pricing and services should get your nod. Filling the online form with the complete details of your requirements will help you get free international car shipping quotes from the moving companies without running around. You can entrust the job to them and relax during the relocation!!

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