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Shipping Cars to Spain

The regulations which are implemented by Spain when it comes to car importation would vary according to the person’s residential status. The duties would also be adjusted according to the type and model of the vehicle, engine capacity and residency of the owner.

People who are considered as residents are those who hold nationality in Spain. Those who own properties or have a rental contract can also be considered, so long as they have a Spanish driver’s license. The importation can be done after 6 months of staying in Spain. This also entails settlement of the import tax.

For tourists or students, importing a car can also be done. The permit is valid only for six months. If it is necessary to use the vehicle for a longer period of time, the owner/driver should settle the renewal of the permit.

Documents Needed

To ensure that the importation of the vehicle to Spain would be problem-free, it is necessary to prepare all the documents which would be needed. Here are the ones which should be ready in original and duplicate copies.

  • Certificate for Technical Inspection

  • Documents which states that the vehicle has been registered; This can be obtained from the local provincial traffic department and it is referred to as the Certificado Unico para la Matricula da Vehiculos

  • Tax receipt from the registration; The taxes which need to be paid can be somewhere within 7% to 12% and this will vary according to the engine capacity of the vehicle

  • Receipt for import duty payment; If the vehicle came from a country that is not part of the European Union, the tax could surmount to 10% of the vehicle’s total value

  • IVTM receipt or Road Tax payment proof

  • Invoice for the car’s payment if it has not been owned for more than a year

  • VAT receipt which surmounts to 16% of the value if the vehicle is manufactured in a country that is not within the European Union or if the owner has to settled this tax yet

Driver’s License Basic Regulations

  • Licenses from the United Kingdom or those from countries that are part of the European Union are acceptable for use within a span 6 months. After this period, it would be necessary to apply for another one which could be a renewal of EU license or a Spanish one.

  • Licenses from UK can be converted to a Spanish license, which can also be used when driving in UK.

  • Licenses which have been issued earlier than 1990 are no longer acceptable

  • The driver should be at least 18 years of age

  • During license application or renewal, drivers should have medical certification that they are fit to drive

Prepping the Car for Shipping

  • Have the keys duplicated and one set should be handed to the company

  • Remove all accessories which can be detached during the shipping such as baby car seats, CD holders and others; All personal belongings have to be removed too.

  • The vehicle should be in good running condition and there should not be any leaks.