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Shipping Cars to Costa Rica

People who would like to have their cars shipped to Costa Rica do not have to worry so much. They just need to ensure that all requirements are provided and that the vehicle qualifies with the regulations. There are actually several means of transporting the vehicle to Costa Rica. Vehicle owners can choose whether they want to have it done via air, sea or land.

Although there are several options to choose from, people usually end up selecting transportation by sea. This works better with the kind of geography that Costa Rica has. The car simply has to be delivered to the most convenient port. Aside from that, sea transport is also less expensive.

The usual ports of destination in Costa Rica are the following:

  • Puerto Limon

  • Puerto Caldera

  • San Jose

Among these three, the most popular one is Puerto Limon because this is considered as the largest one. More freight forwarders and shipping companies provide services to this port.

Preparing the Documents

Owners of the vehicle should prepare both original and duplicate copies of pertinent documents. Sometimes, it would be necessary to provide original documents for verification. On the other hand, if it will only be used as reference, the duplicate copies would be sufficient.

The vehicle owner should have the purchase invoice of the vehicle. This proves whether it has already been paid in full or if there are still financial obligations that need to be settled. The invoice should also state the exact serial number, model, manufacturer, color, passenger capacity and other details about the car.

The vehicle should also have a valid registration. This is needed to ensure that the ownership of the vehicle is legal and authenticated.

Before a vehicle can be permitted for use in Costa Rica, it should pass the vehicle emission test. The government is very particular with the quality of emission that comes out of the car because they ban those which are too hazardous for the environment. The emission test is required for both new and old cars.

Dealing with the Payment

It is true that the fees and taxes in Costa Rica are a little bit more expensive. Compared to other countries, they have a longer list of fees to pay. When importing cars to Costa Rica, it is also necessary to pay for customs duty and VAT. These will both depend on the type of vehicle that will be imported. Aside from those two major payments, the expenses also include consumption tax, sales tax and import tax.

For people who would like to import cars to this destination, it is important to keep an open communication line with the car shipping company. They will help out in determining which port is recommended. Aside from choosing the port that is closest to the provided address in Costa Rica, they can also help out in determining which one charges lower fees. International car shipping companies usually have affiliate companies in Costa Rica which will ensure that the procedure would be hassle-free.