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Shipping Cars to Italy

Importing cars to Italy is also possible with the help of a trusted car shipping company. According to their importation laws, vehicles which are from countries that belong to the European Union are prioritized.

Duties Exemption

For cars which have only been out on the road for six months and the mileage has not exceeded 6,000 kilometers yet, there is no need to settle duties with the customs. If the vehicle is manufactured in a country that is not part of the European Union, the owner should prove that he/she has been driving it for more than one year so that the duties would be exempted. Other than these conditions, it is important to know the amount which will be set by the customs.

For individuals who need to settle taxes when importing their vehicles to Italy, it is necessary to have the Codice Fiscale from the Unificio Imposte. The vehicle should also be registered in the Motorizzazione Civile. To make the importation process much faster, owner of the vehicle should present the necessary documents such as the Certificate of Origin, ownership title, information regarding the car’s manufacturer, registration proof and insurance papers.

Temporary Importation Conditions

Importation of vehicles to Italy does not always have to be permanent. It is true that selling of imported cars in the country is not acceptable until after a year, but for tourists, they could also bring in their car during their stay. If the car’s use would not exceed 6 months, the owner just need to settle the $1,200 fee. For people who intend to stay longer and use the vehicle, the government already requires the acquisition of a plate called escursionisti esteri.

Importation for Military Personnel

People who serve the military are allowed to import one car that is free of duty because it will be placed under the expenditures of the government. According to the Italian Ministry of Finance, military personnel can have up to three vehicles which are considered as their personal possession. However, when it comes to duties, only one of these can be exempted.

International Car Shipping Basics

When looking for a company that could import vehicles to Italy, it is best to check their reputation first. See if they have extensive experience in the business and if they are capable of ensuring the safety of the cars.

It is best to compare rates first. Typically companies can provide the exact amount to settle if the quotation is requested online. Make sure that asking for the quotations would be non-committal.

There are important things to provide to the international car shipping company. Have the car keys duplicated because these would be given to the company. They should have keys to the ignition, compartments and other parts of the vehicle which are locked like the gas cap.

Documents should also be handed to the company such as the current car registration, proof of ownership, clearance from creditor if the car has been financed by another company and a copy of the driver’s license. If in case the car would be claimed by another person upon arrival in Italy, attaching documents about that person, including a clear photo, would be necessary.