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International Car Shipping Companies

It is never easy to determine which one is the best moving company for transporting your goods and car to a different country. Plenty of research and running around are required to get one catering to your requirements. One of the main criteria for finalizing a moving company is the international car shipping prices that are quoted by the companies. You deserve a better and fair price, though. Here comes our online form very much helpful to you. It is only the details of your requirements and the car that need to be filled in the online form. You will be loaded with free quotes of international car shipping prices and you have the option to choose one from the list. The much talked about stress and strain of finding out a good moving company are totally relieved. Don’t you think it is an advantage for you!!

Determining factors:

The international car shipping prices are based on various factors as seen by different companies and this necessitates acquiring many quotes. Some of the main features that determine the prices are:

  • The volume of traffic between the two ports, the type, model, and the age of the car being moved, distance between the two ports, weight of the vehicle, and the type of delivery you opt for.
  • If there is huge traffic between the two ports and the number of cars that are being transported is also high, you may be able to get a reduction in the prices.
  • The season during which you move also plays a role.
  • The make of the car, age of the vehicle, and the model also determine the prices quoted by the moving companies. You may need to provide this information well in advance to get fair international car shipping prices.
  • The mode of transportation, such as air or ship, also is taken into account when finalizing the international car shipping prices. Their expenses in delivering the car by covering such a distance by the specified mode are taken into account for preparing the quote.
  • It is advisable to select off-season for the international transportation to reduce the international car shipping prices. The peak season always is costly.
  • The weight of the vehicle is also taken into account when the international car shipping prices are quoted to you. It is because not all the vehicles weigh the same and the effort involved in moving such heavy cars is more. A normal saloon car will not incur the same expense as a big luxury car.
  • The insurance coverage is also included. If you find that the coverage is not sufficient, you may get additional cover. The prices are also influenced by the competition among the moving companies, currency fluctuations, and the fluctuation in the freights charged by the airlines or the shipping companies.
  • If you have opted for door-to-door services, then you may be paying more. You can reduce the cost by opting for picking the vehicle from one of the nearest location.
  • You will be paying more international car shipping prices if you request for separate containers instead of shared containers.


Each moving company charges international car shipping prices differently. To have a smooth sailing of the whole process, filling up the online form with the details and requirements is very helpful, as it reduces the stress involved in the process. You have the option of selecting the moving companies based on the international car shipping prices they quote and leave the task to be accomplished by them. Just relax and enjoy the relocation process!!

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