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Shipping Cars to Israel

Shipping cars to Israel is easier than it seems. That is, if the owner is able to find an international car shipping company which will handle all the details. When looking for a company which will take care of this task, the ideal thing to do is to request for several quotations. It is important to compare them side by side to be able to see which one has the best offer.

When having a car imported to Israel, there are certain aspects which the government looks into. Of course, the car would be scrutinized if it complies with the policies in Israel. Aside from that, other factors which could also affect the importation are the citizenship of the owner, duration of stay in Israel and qualifications of the owner as a driver.

Qualifying for Car Importation

Individuals who hold Israeli citizenship for three years or more are the ones who are qualified to import a vehicle. The car has to be not more than two years old. For Israeli citizens who intend to move back to the country, they can bring their vehicle so long as it has not gone beyond four years of age. The importation can be done after three months of returning to Israel.

Settlement of Taxes and Fees

A lot of people usually assume that the only payment that they need to think of is the one for the international car shipping company. Unfortunately, there are also other taxes and fees to consider. When customers ask for quotations from the shipping company, they should also be able to help out in determining additional payments which would be needed for the customs or the port of destination.

One thing that has to be settled is the Value Added Tax or VAT. The amount of VAT can vary a lot. This will be computed according to the value of the vehicle. If it is brand new, then VAT would be based on the purchasing price. If it is a used car, then the current value would be assessed and the depreciated value will be the basis of the VAT.

Customs fees, importation fees and other taxes still need to be settled. A good shipping company should be willing to help out customers in obtaining details about these payments.

Car Importation Options

The importation of vehicles to Israel can be done by air, land or sea. However, the popular option is to use services which transport vehicles via sea vessels. There are companies which can provide tailored services that will match the demands of their customers. For example, if a customer wants to ship a vehicle that is overly costly or one that is vintage, he/she could opt for an exclusive container. This means that the container would be locked by the owner and the company would not have a duplicate of it. The container would not be shared with other customers too. On the other hand, a shared container is a more affordable option and this means that the car would be transported along with other cars or motorcycles inside a single container.