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Shipping Cars to Puerto Rico

There are two important things which could make it much easier to ship vehicles to Puerto Rico. First, is preparing all the pertinent documents which prove ownership and states the actual condition of the vehicle. Second, is finding a shipping company which can provide excellent services at just a fraction of the cost.

Preparing the Documents and Requirements

Just like in any other country, there are specific documents which need to be presented before a car can be imported in Puerto Rico. So long as all the paperwork is ready, then hassle and delays can be avoided.

Whether the vehicle is used or new, it is necessary to present the invoice of sale. This should also come along with certification or title of ownership. If the car has been previously registered in the country where it came from, the registration papers should be presented too. Other documents which should be prepared are the copy of the driver’s license, copy of the owner’s social security card, inspection certificate and insurance, if applicable.

Tips When Shipping the Car

It is the owner’s responsibility to prepare the vehicle before it is handed to the car shipping company. All the personal belongings should be removed from the car. Even the tool box should be emptied or removed from the car. The only accessories which can be left inside the vehicle are spare tire and child’s car seat, but these should be tightly fastened too.

The car shipping companies request their customers to have the car cleaned before it is transported. Aside from that, it should be in good running condition too. This means that the brakes, engine and all aspects should be problem-free. There are specifications which are required by the Puerto Rican government. The car should not be beyond the dimensions that are specified by the regulations. Aside from that the ground clearance should be a minimum 5 1/2 inches of ground clearance.

Settling the Payment

Payment for the shipping company should be handed to them directly. Aside from the rates that are charged by the shipping company, it is important to pay the fees and taxes that are determined by the Puerto Rican government.

Import duty should be settled by the car’s owner. This is needed even before the vehicle is released and registered in Puerto Rico. The payment for import duty will go directly to the Seccion Arbitrios Vehiculos de Motor. The import duty may vary depending on the model, capacity, year and other aspects of the car. Hence, it is better to directly get in touch with the Seccion Arbitrios Vehiculos de Motor to determine the amount to pay. Typically, the shipping company should be able to help out in getting the details from this government office. Other than the import duties, other taxes which need to be settled include the excise tax and VAT.

If a car owner is able to find a reliable company, he/she would be able to ask assistance when it comes to acquiring details about the additional fees. With the help of the international car shipping company, car owners do not have to be bothered by complex procedures.