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International car shipping cost

Is an international relocation imminent for you? Have you finalized the moving company that would transport your personal belongings, including your car to the other country? Have you got the quote from the company for moving your car? If yes, you need to go through the international car shipping cost as quoted by them carefully. To get the quote from the moving companies, you need not run around nowadays. You just have to fill in our online form with the details of your requirements. We take over the responsibility of finding the best moving company for you with free quotes from different companies. Once you are satisfied with the shipping quote and the services, you can enter into the contract with the moving company. Are you not happy that filling an online form will ease out your strenuous job of finding a good moving company?

Basic requirements:

When you have received the quote with the international car shipping cost, you must find out if it includes all the expenses associated with the international moving, if there are any hidden expenses which you may not be aware of now but may have to pay after the transportation, and the terms and conditions of the company. The international car shipping cost should include the cost of the packing material and the charges for packing your vehicles. It is advisable to leave this responsibility to the moving company as they will do a professional’s job and ensure the safety of the vehicle. If the price has included pickup costs, it means that the moving company will pick the vehicle from your home with the help of trucks.

More factors:

The international car shipping cost may also include export-loading charges for using overseas ocean containers for shipping your vehicle. You may also need to pay the costs that include the bill of lading, fuel surcharge, ocean or airfreight, currency exchange difference, and terminal handling costs. Documentation fees and export declaration fees also sometimes form part of the international car shipping cost. The mode of transportation used by the company will also add to the cost as moving by air is quite expensive and less time consuming while making use of ships will take more time to deliver the goods and is often less expensive.


Marine insurance and the coverage will depend on the type and value of the vehicle. The more valuable the car is, the higher the marine insurance premium is. Else, you may need to arrange for additional insurance to cover the full value. The cost will also depend on the port of departure and port of entry. You may be able to get some good concession in the total international car shipping cost if the two ports witness huge traffic. You must be able to negotiate for concession with the moving company.

Best season for low cost: Opt for a low season to transport the car, which will reduce the international car shipping cost. Summer is always the peak time and winter is off-season. If you prefer your car to be dropped at your doorstep in the new country, the shipping cost will be high and so you can opt for picking the vehicle in one of the destinations. The costs of duties, taxes and any other official charges may also be included.


Relocating to a totally different country is never easy and involves tension and stress about the safe transportation of goods and vehicles. To ease this out, filling the online form is highly handy. When the details about the requirements are given, free quotes from moving companies are obtained and you are at liberty to choose the one that will help you in transportation of goods and cars at an affordable international car shipping cost. So, why don’t you take advantage of the services provided by the online form and have a hassle-free relocation? Relax and enjoy the experience!!

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