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Car Shipping to France

Are you considering having your car shipped to France? Then worry no more because we are here to give you a hand in making sure that you will be able to fulfill that goal while ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

The French Government has strict rules and regulations when it comes to car importation. Hence, it is best to be observant about their provisions and make sure that everything is followed so that problems would not arise.

Preparing the Documentations

Among the documents which have to be prepared includes:

  • Original vehicle registration that is obtained from the country of origin

  • Car invoice if this is significant for the shipment process

  • T1 declaration which applies if the vehicle originated from another European country

  • Movement certificate EUR1 to prove that the manufacturer complies with the standards that are set by France

Settling Taxes and Fees

Like other countries, there are also taxes and fees which need to be settled before clearing the shipment of your vehicle. Among the ones which are often involved are the following:

  • Import tax: This is applicable for cars or motor homes that are privately owned. It affects both brand new and used cars. The amount will be determined according to where it originally came from. Typically, this is about 10% of the value.

  • Value added tax: This surmounts to 19% of the car’s total value.

Registration and Driving in France

Registration is a must! This should be accomplished before the vehicle rolls out on the streets of France. Among the requirements include certificate of Intra-Community Acquisition which should come from the local tax collector. This can be obtained so long as you have paid the necessary Value Added Tax. Prepare the Customs Entry Certificate No 846 A too.

Entrusting Us With Car Shipping to France

  • You may need to provide car keys to the company for the doors, ignition, glove compartment and others. Have the keys duplicated, keep the original and give us the replicates.

  • Supply us with a copy of the pertinent documents like compliance to French standard, car insurance, car registration, your license and others.

  • Make sure that you have all the contact details of the company and tracking ID of your vehicle so you would not worry during the transit.

Tips When Shipping the Vehicle

  • Ensure that the radiator and battery fluid are protected so it would not freeze if the vehicle is being shipped to a cold place.

  • The fuel tank should not be full. Leaving a half-filled tank or even less is ideal. Vehicles with propane tank need extra precaution, depending on the advice of the manufacturer.

  • Vacate all compartments and pockets inside the car. Make sure that valuables and personal items have been removed.

  • All components should be secured in place. This includes car seats and extra tires.

  • Ensure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition. There should not be any gas or oil leak too.

  • If it has an alarm system, make sure that the company is aware of it or have the alarm deactivated temporarily.

Shipping Insurance

We take extra precaution when shipping your vehicle. However, if you want to be ultimately guaranteed, we recommend that you avail full insurance coverage for the vehicle which has to be obtained separately.