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Shipping Cars to Europe

Though Europe may appear to be such a progressive place and there are numerous impressive car models there, some people still want to import the vehicle of their choice. For people who would like to import their vehicle to Europe, then it is important to find an international car shipping company which will handle such services.

Selecting the Right Company

There are certain standards which one has to keep in mind so that determining the right shipping company to rely on would be easy.

First, see whether the company is competitive enough to handle the shipping process. They should have the right facilities and equipment. Aide from that, their employees should be properly trained. Stay away from companies which have tarnished reputation or else the vehicle might not reach its destination safely.

Second, pick a company that is easy to communicate with. A reliable company usually has a website which customers can easily access whenever they need information. Quotations and shipping details have to be available from the site too. It is best to focus on companies which willingly provide quotation for free, without any commitment.

Third, choose the company which can help out in processing all the necessary documents. These can be quite tedious to do especially because there are certain permits and authentication documents which are required for car shipping in Europe. Customers should also get assistance when it comes to the amount of tax that has to be paid and other fees.

Customs Duty and Taxesv

There are several fees which need to be settled by the car owner when shipping it to Europe. Among the primary, and most expensive fees, are the duty charges and Value Added Tax or VAT.

The customs duty usually surmounts to about 10% of the car’s assessed value. However, this may change depending on the year of the car’s manufacturing, model, capacity and others. On the other hand, the Value Added Tax is about 17.5% of the car’s value. Yes, this is more expensive than the customs duty. In some cases, VAT can be waived if the vehicle is owned by a person who lived in the US and the car has been used there for more than 6 months.

Single Vehicle Approval Test

The SVA is a requirement in Europe before a car can be imported and used. The test is mandated by the Department of Transport. This involves careful inspection of various aspects of the car to make sure that its performance will satisfy the standards that are set by the government. This is a compulsory requirement even for new cars. Authorities would look into emission, brakes, noise, seats and others. Before subjecting the car for SVA, it is recommended to have it checked by an expert so that it would pass the inspection. The vehicles which are already more than three years of age would still be subjected to inspection. Usually, after the check up has been done, the owner would be advised about certain modifications which are needed. Among the common parts which may need modification are speedometer, side repeaters for lights, headlights, tail lights and other indicators.