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Shipping Cars to Africa

Shipping cars to Africa is much easier if the owner is fully aware of the regulations which need to be followed. Aside from that, having an efficient, trustworthy and reliable international car shipping company would help too.

Shipping cars to Africa is possible so long as the vehicle complies with the imposed standards. For example, there are locations within Africa wherein vehicles that are manufactured in Japan are not accepted. This is because Japanese vehicles are designed to be right hand drive. Usually, certain aspects of the vehicle would be inspected by customs first before they are released. For imported vehicles, the common port of entry is Durban.

Letter of Authority from SABS

One of the most important documents to prepare when shipping vehicles to Africa is the Letter of Authority which should come from the South African Bureau of Standards. This documentation is necessary not just for new vehicles but also for old ones. It applies for private cars, commercial vehicles and all other models and brands. To be able to get the documents from SABS, the vehicle should be in compliance with the Road Traffic Act.

Importation Permit

The importation permit has to be arranged too before the car can be released by customs. To be able to get the authorization, the vehicle owner should submit an application and all the requirements to the Director of Import and Export Control. A vehicle would not be granted with a permit unless all policies that are imposed by the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa or ITAC are followed.

Duties to Pay

Just like in any other country, Africa also has a specific set of duties which need to be paid. The amount of taxes will depend on the country where the car will be coming from, the model and make, capacity and other factors. The exact amount of duty can be obtained by the car’s owner with the help of the international shipping company. Usually, this can be determined even before the car shipping process begins.

It is possible to apply for a tax break. This is applicable only for individuals who are considered as permanent residents in Africa. The residency has to be proven first before the cancellation of duties is awarded.

Whether the vehicle is owned by the permanent resident in Africa or one who only intends to stay here for a while and use the vehicle temporarily, it is still necessary to settle the Value Added Tax or VAT. This will be determined according to the current assessed value of the vehicle and other factors which have been set by the government. For vehicles which are used, the depreciation value will also be considered.

Assistance from International Car Shipping Companyv

The shipping company should be able to help out in processing documents and other important details about the vehicle. That is why, it is important to find a company that is reliable so that the hassle and inconvenience would be avoided. Typically, customers would be informed by the shipping company regarding the necessary documents and total amount which need to be accomplished.