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Available Methods of Shipping Automobile Overseas

Our extensive experience in the business is enough for us to realize that our customers have varying preferences when it comes to having their vehicles shipped overseas. To satisfy their demands even better, we offer three different methods for our customers to choose from. These are:

  • Roll on Roll off or RORO
  • Exclusive Container
  • Consolidation in a High Cube 40’ Container

Roll on Roll off or RORO

The main reason why this method is called roll on roll off is because of how loading and unloading is done. The vessels are designed such that its deck is capable of handling heavy cargo. For vehicles which will be internationally shipped through this method, the process is much easier. The vehicle is simply driven to the deck and then anchored in place. Fastening the automobile using braces is necessary so that it would not move during transportation.

Vessels for this mode of shipping are specially designed to have doors which can be opened wide. Ramps also make it possible to create a bridge between the deck of the vessel and the port. Hence, the vehicles can be safely and easily positioned on board.

Trained crewmen are fully aware when it comes to techniques on how to position vehicles on the deck. Aside from that, they also know the safety measures and precautions to ensure that the vehicle would remain unscratched during the international shipping process.

Once the vessel has arrived at the port of destination, the doors are again opened and the ramps are set-up so that the vehicles can be driven out with ease. It has to be noted though that this option may not be available in some ports.

Exclusive Container

This is called exclusive because our customer has full control with the container. Our customer will be handed with the key so that no other person can access the automobile inside and even the personal belongings that are left in it.

This is preferred by customers who demand for high level of security for their cars. A trained staff will drive the car into the cargo and then ensure that it is held in place during the transportation. Once it arrives in the port of destination, our customer will be called up. The only time that the cargo can be opened is when the customer arrives with the key.

Consolidation in a High Cube 40’ Container

This is a safe yet more affordable option. It entails using a single container for loading multiple vehicles, both cars and motorcycles. Typically, about 3 to 4 cars would fit inside the container. However, this may vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Then, the remaining space can be further utilized for shipping motorcycles. Yes, all the vehicles will be fastened in place so that there will be no hassle during the transportation.

Using this type of shipping method is usually cheaper. Since the company would not have to pay for more overhead costs, the customer should not shoulder high fees as well.