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Car Shipping to Australia

Want to drive your car in the Land Down Under? Then, let us handle all the logistics when it comes to shipping your vehicle to Australia.

Prepping the Car for Shipping

Here is a quick checklist of the things that you need to prepare if you want your vehicle to be shipped to Australia:

  • Knowing freight costs and insurance costs

  • Determining the customs duties, wharf fees and additional charges at port of entry

  • Having the vehicle steam cleaned

  • Registration requirements and fees once it arrives in Australia

Process of Shipping Your Vehicle

Since Australia also has specific regulations when it comes to cars which are imported, it is necessary to obtain the Vehicle Import Approval from the Department of Transport and Regional Services. The customs will not only check for safety standard compliance, they will also have your vehicle quarantined so that it is guaranteed to be free from any health hazard.

For cars which are bought for the sole purpose of transporting it to Australia, the Transaction Value is important so that the value would be determined. If this is not the case, a registered professional will examine the car’s value to be able to compute for the fees and taxes.

For individuals who plan to stay in Australia temporarily, their vehicles can also be shipped and driven for a limited time only. The car can be used for 12 months and customs duties no longer have to be paid. The Carnet de Passages de Douanes would be necessary because this will serve as the legal documentation of your car while it is being used in Australia. It indicates all the details about the vehicle and is tied with the EOI or Evidence of Identity of the person who brought it to the country.

Once it reaches the country, it can only be disposed or lent if proper documentations have been completed. It is not allowed to have the car sold, exchanged or mortgaged.

Registering the Vehicle

Registration has to be done in Motor Vehicle Registration and not in customs. Among the necessary documents are the following:

  • Existing registration papers of the vehicle
  • Passport and visa of the car owner

  • Current driver’s license of owner

  • Driving permit that is valid internationally

  • Vehicle Import Approval

  • Insurance for both the car and the driver

Shipping Logistics

Yes, we will handle the procedure of shipping your vehicle to Australia. Since we aim to satisfy your expectations, we are giving you the flexibility to decide on the details of the shipping process.

We can provide you with fee quotation without requiring you to commit to anything. Hence, you can choose among the different options and see which one fits your budget. You can also decide whether you want a port-to-port shipping or you prefer to have your car delivered to a particular address. Even the container which will be used for shipping your car to Australia will be decided according to your preference. With our prime services, you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to shipping your car to Australia.