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Shipping Cars to the United Kingdom

When shipping cars to the UK, it is important to pay close attention to the regulations which they implement. There are pertinent documents which should be presented in both original and duplicate copies. Aside from that, the vehicle should also meet certain standards.

Clearance from Customs

Import duty has to be settled before customs can give its clearance. This would vary according to the type, capacity, make and year of the vehicle. For commercial vehicles which can accommodate more passengers, the fees could start at 10% of the assessed value of the automobile. Aside from this, for both private and commercial vehicles, a 17.5% tax should be paid too.

Car owners can also have tax break if they intend to become permanent residents in the UK. In some cases, temporary use of the vehicle within UK can also lead to tax relief. Customs sometimes lower or even exempt other imported vehicles according to the year it has been manufactured.

Before the vehicle can pass through customs, certain documents should be settled. Typically, the international car import services would assist is getting the documents. The primary form which should be accomplished is the C104A. The documents from the customs will be requested when applying for the car registration.

Vehicle Conditions

Before qualifying the vehicle for importation and release in UK, this will be subjected for inspection first. If the car does not meet the standards, problems that could slow down the process can be encountered. In most cases, the car has to be modified first before it becomes eligible for importation and use within UK.

These are the aspects which are commonly checked for vehicles which are not more than 10 years of age:

  • Rear and break lights have to be separated; Plus, the color should also be in accordance with the standards that are implemented within UK

  • There should be repeaters of front light indicators and these have to be placed on the sides; The color of both the front indicator and side repeaters have to be correct too.

  • There should be fog lights at the car’s rear

  • Parking lights and head lights should have the right color and direction

  • The tires which are installed should be the same size and type as the original design from the manufacturer; If the size and width of the tires are altered, it would be necessary to change them back to its standard ones.

  • The speedometer should be functioning accurately and this should show both kilometers and miles

  • Aside from gas and speed indicators, there should also be one that would tell the break fluid level

  • For the plate number, the size of the font and the type of lettering should comply with the UK plate standards

It is best if the owner gets all modifications done before it is sent for shipping. If in case there are aspects which have been missed, customs would advise the owner to have them done before the vehicle is released. That is, if the adjustments are minimal.