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The Process for International Car Shipping

international auto transport

Thanks to technologies and open sea routes, it’s much easier for anyone to send or deliver their vehicles at different parts of the world. However, the process still requires the services of competent, highly trained auto shipping experts.

Our company is one of the most trusted names when it comes to international car shipping. We don’t just have the years but also the track record, credibility, reliability, and reputation that remain to be undefeated by our competitors. We have built close professional relationships with several partners all over the globe, making international car transport more seamless and even faster—certified on-time and quality delivery.

What Makes Us Stand Out

For every delivery, our ship has sufficient staff with carefully delegated work. This is very important so that every aspect of the delivery is being taken care of by someone. To make sure that your vehicle is well taken care of all throughout the journey, we hired certified specialists, with comprehensive knowledge in cars, particularly in handling them.

We always keep ourselves updated on the international rules for cargo shipping, especially vehicles. Furthermore, all these standards are incorporated in our processes because we don’t want to miss any. This also guarantees that we uplift safety and quality in all our services.

Our company invests in the right kinds of technologies and facilities, those that we think can make us more efficient not only in the delivery of goods but also in our customer service. We also modify the facilities based on the needs, preferences, and budget of our clients.

We oversee the entire delivery process, from start to finish. We have maintained an in-house specialist and customer support who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because your needs and concerns can occur at any time.

We can take care a wide variety of vehicles, from motorcycles to trailers, SUVs, and ATVs. We have also delivered huge machineries or trucks, as well as trailers, along with aircraft such as planes and helicopters.

Car Delivery and Foreign Rules

Delivering vehicles to other parts of the world requires certain documents including but not limited to clearances and permits. We always advise our clients to secure these documents for a smoother delivery. Because of our established international relationships, we can provide them with a list of partners they can approach for help.

Exporting from the United States

Upon purchase of vehicle from the United States, the buyer is provided with a pink slip. This should be kept close at all times since the customs may need it upon the delivery of the vehicle. This serves as proof that you definitely own the vehicle. The customs may release the vehicle without it, but it’s going to take some time. See to it that all documents and invoices are signed or approved accordingly.