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Privacy Policy

Before you access and use this website and the content, data, information, articles provided on this website, or its services, it is imperative for you to know and understand the privacy policy followed by us. Our privacy policy will explain and outline before you the way in which we collect, use, store, maintain and reveal data and information obtained from our website users.

What information do we collect?

We collect both personal identification information and non personal identification information every time a user visits our website.

Personal identification information: Personal identification information includes the name of the user, and his contact details like his email address and phone number. A user can choose to visit our website anonymously. We collect every user’s personal information, provided they give their consent and are ready to voluntarily submit their personal details. Alternatively they have the option to deny the submission of any information.

Non personal identification information: This kind of information about the user comprise of the details of their web browser, the type of computer or IT system they are using, and other technical information such as the details of the operating system, the internet service provider used and the like. Non personal identification information may also include the kind of pages visited on the website and the time spent on these pages.

How and when do we collect this information?

All the details and information are collected in various ways. Our website collects information whenever a user visits our website, fill a form for requesting quotes, when they interact with the website or engage in other activities, resources, articles, links, services or features that are offered on our website.

Why do we collect this information?

We need to collect the information of our users to send them newsletters, free quotes for services, and information regarding the latest offers and services, as and when necessary. Similarly, the contact details of a user allow us to respond to their queries, clear their doubts, and provide them necessary information regarding the website and the services offered. In addition to this, non personal identification information helps us understand our users better. On the basis of our user’s experience and compatibility, we can revise and modify the structure, nature and the content of our website.

How and with whom do we share all the details and information?

Since the privacy of our users is of utmost importance, we are committed and dedicated to protect the identity of the users. This policy of ours is applicable to all the data, information and details collected by and submitted on our website. We do not sell, rent, trade, or engage in any commercial transaction with any information. We never share any part of our user’s personal identification information. All the personal details of our users are used only for replying to their questions and comments. At times, personal information and data is also shared with and used by our certified partners to provide the user with free quotes for the services offered.

Non identifying information is used to improve and modify the website. It helps us in keeping our website up to date. Often, some of the details and information are passed on to the advertisers, and our affiliates, associates or partners. Keeping our privacy policy in mind, we do not divulge, share or disseminate any data, information or detail whatsoever that can lead to the identification of an individual user. No personally identifiable information that our users trust us with is made public. Only general information or aggregated demographic information is shared by us. Thus, we share only that information which is not even remotely related to any personal identifiable information with our certified business partners, affiliates, associates and advertisers. Rest of the personal details and information are treated as private and confidential.

How do we maintain, protect and secure your data and personal information?

All your personal details are safely and soundly secured with us. We assure you that your personal details are in safe hands. To maintain the accuracy and security of your information and to ensure legal and correct use of the same, we follow and observe many practices. All details, data and information whatsoever are collected, maintained, and stored in an appropriate and systematic manner. We practice various concrete precautions and security measures for the safety of our user’s personal details and for prevention of any kind of unauthorized, wrong or illegal access. Similarly, we have taken steps to safeguard our user’s personal information, their user ID, password and the like against any interpolation and revelation.

What about the cookies?

Cookies are used by web browser to improve and enrich the experience of the user. The web browser places cookies on the hard drive in a bid to record the movement and experience of the user. With the help of such cookies, a web browser tracks the user and collects information. The user has the alternative of disabling cookies and, thus, prevent them form collecting any information. For more detailed information on the process of refusing a cookie, the users can visit their respective web browser’s website.

We are neither responsible nor liable for any other page, website or link you gain access to through our website. These are websites independent of us and, thus, we do not have any control, liability, responsibility or guarantee. The nature, data, content and views on these websites are their own and we do not recommend or endorse any of these. These websites have their own privacy policy which may differ from ours. So it is advisable for you to go through their respective privacy policy before accessing, browsing or exploring these websites or their content.

By using, accessing, downloading, browsing or exploring our website, its content, text, material, article, graphic, audio, video or its services, your acceptance of and your consent to our privacy policy is implied. If you choose to disagree with any part of our privacy policy, kindly do not use or access our website.

Our privacy policy and our terms and conditions for using our website, services and content are constantly evolving. These are under continuous surveillance and observation and are revised form time to time. We hold the right to change, modify and improve our privacy policy any time of the year without any prior notice. Since you must stick to the modified rules, we encourage you to visit our website so that you can keep yourself updated with our latest policies, rules and terms and conditions.