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Car Shipping to Germany

Germany also implements their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to importing cars. Hence, if you are also planning to have your vehicles shipped to Germany, allow us to make the process hassle-free and much more convenient for you.

Dealing with the Taxes

Unlike other countries, Germany has more standardized regulations when it comes to taxes and fees. The country is not too strict when it comes to the make and model. Customs would just need to perform thorough technical inspection of the vehicle to ensure safety.

It is a good thing that they are not too particular with the age of the car. However, you should know that taxes can add a lot to the expenses. Aside from the freight charges, there is also import duty which is 10% of the value. The value added tax also surmounts to 15%. In some cases, customs add another 7% for vehicles which are considered as vintage or collector’s item.

When it comes to determining the exact amount of taxes which need to be settled before the vehicle is finally cleared, the international car shipping company can only help up to a certain extent. It is because for the most part, it is the German customs which determines the total amount which has to be paid.

Pre-Shipping Preparation

To ensure that the entire shipping procedure is hassle free, there are certain things that you need to prepare:

  • Prepare the pink slip which proves the ownership of the vehicle and entitles you to have it shipped.

  • Make duplicates of the car keys. One set should be handed to the company and you would have to keep the original set.

  • Prepare all necessary documents. Permits and authentication may have to be presented in its original state. On the other hand, only duplicates of registration, driver’s license of owner and insurance should be given to the company.

  • Obtain all contact numbers of the company and the shipping ID of the car. That way, you can easily follow-up the status of your vehicle.

Specifications for the Shipping Company

Since it is your car, you should have a say as to how it will be transported to Germany. Here are some of the concerns which you need to decide on:

  • Determine whether you will drive your vehicle to the shipping company’s station or if they need to pick it up from an address which you will provide.

  • Pick a container which will satisfy your preferences. For example, if you want your car to be tightly locked and sealed, opt for an exclusive container.

  • Specify how the vehicle will be released once it reaches the port of destination. The company can arrange for it to be delivered at your address in Germany or you can specify that you, or an authorized person, would pick it up from the port.

  • Find a deal which will match your budget. Yes, shipping to Germany means spending on freight and taxes but this does not mean that your finances should be badly hurt.

Our company is devoted to giving you highly-acclaimed shipping services at just a fraction of a cost. Request for our free and non-committal quotation so you can see the options that are waiting for you.