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Shipping Cars to Russia

Car owners who intend to have their vehicles shipped to Russia should find an international shipping company which can help them out with the entire process. It is best to rely on a company that can provide the exact quotation right from the start which does not entail any commitment. This means that aside from the service fees, the company should also be able to determine the total costs for the additional taxes and fees at the port of destination.

Car Importation Trend in Russia

The Russian government allows not just the importation of assembled cars. In the recent years, there is also a rise in the importation of dissembled car parts. For example, the parts come from Japan and these are separately shipped to Russia. When these parts arrive in the country, they are then put together by experts.

The reason why some customers and businessmen opt to ship them in dissembled parts is because the taxes are much lower. For people who import car spare parts as a business, the government also gives them a tax break if the assembly in Russia will be handled by their company. It is just important to present legal documents and approved permits before the spare parts can be shipped. Aside from that, the vehicles should be labeled as imported and used.

Taxes and Fees

Imported cars, whether it is for business or personal use, also entail taxes and fees. Hence, aside from the payment for the international car shipping company, it is important to pay attention to the additional fees too.

A big chunk of the payment which needs to be settled is the import tax. This surmounts to 25% of the car’s value. Aside from this, other fees which have to be paid are the excise tax and customs duty. These are necessary before the vehicle can get clearance from the customs so that it can be released. Car importation to Russia also entails Value Added Tax or VAT. The amount of VAT will depend on the assessed value of the vehicle, whether it is new or used.

Vehicle Registration

Once the car has been shipped to Russia and cleared by customs, the next concern is to have it registered.

People who are staying in Russia for a short period of time also have the option to ship their vehicles. If the vehicle will only be used for 6 months or less, then the registration and other permits can be settled right at the customs. On the other hand, if the vehicle will be used in Russia for a longer period of time, then the registration should be done in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Car owners should not skip the registration process so that the vehicle would not be questioned by authorities, especially once it is driven on the streets of Russia. A legally registered vehicle should have a corresponding Vehicle’s Import Acknowledgement Certificate or UVTS. Another document which should be accomplished by the car owner is the Obligatory Third Party Car Insurance or OSAGO.