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International car shipping rates

International Car Shipping Rates

It is a well-known fact that any relocation is tough and complicated and it is more so when you are moving to a different country altogether. Gathering the most essential things, packing them, finding the correct type of moving company, and releasing the goods through the custom of the destination company – all these can really take a toll on your peace of mind. You will be all the more worried if you need to ship your precious vehicle too. It is only a moving company that is well versed in the international shipping that can execute the task cut out for them. To find out such a moving company is again not an easy task, if you are not Internet savvy. There are many moving companies that will be willing to help you out. All that you need to do is just to fill in the online form available on our website. We will help you to get as many quotes for you to compare the International car shipping rates and zero in on one company. And remember, all these are done totally free of cost for you, because we know the pain of finding the right type of mover for your vehicle and are willing to share the burden.

Why ship the car:

It is always better to ship your car so that you have a vehicle in the new place to be on your own. There are many moving companies that can accomplish the job for you. So once you have decided on taking the car with you, you need to find a moving company. You must get at least 5-6 quotes that will specify the International car shipping rates for moving your car. You can compare them and fix the one that meets all your requirements.

Factors that determine rates:

The various factors that find place in preparing the quote are:
  • The International car shipping rates will depend on the size of the vehicle that you move, make, model, security, insurance, the country you are moving to, and the custom duty prevailing in the destination country. The companies should offer you a variety of rates that will suit your budget. You must understand the terms and conditions as specified in the contract about the International car shipping rates that you would pay the companies.
  • If you opt for a door-to-door delivery of the vehicle, the International car shipping rates will surely be higher and you can really cut down the expense if you opt for drop and pickup from a transport terminal.
  • The type of vehicles and size also play a huge role in fixing the rates. An exotic or classic car will require better care and more insurance coverage for any damage during the transit. This will also add up to the International car shipping rates.
  • The time you have before booking the moving company also has a role to play in determining the price. If you book closer to the date of actual moving, you will shed more money on the International car shipping rates.
  • The quote of International car shipping rates should contain all the details such as the cost of separate container for the vehicle, insurance for any damage during the transit, customs clearance at the port of entry, and delivery at the specified place.
  • Yet another important factor to ponder over is the mode of transportation of the vehicle. To get delivery of the vehicle within a shorter time, you can opt for the air route, which will be more expensive than the sea route, which will take more time and often cost less.


Are you very particular about having a hassle-free shipping of your vehicle to the other country? The details you provide on our online form will get you free International car shipping rates from moving companies. You just need to compare them and choose the one that you feel will provide you best services.

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