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Shipping Cars to Canada

Shipping cars to Canada does not have to be a complex process. That is, if the owner was able to comply with the requirements of the government. Aside from that, it is also important to find an international shipping company that can help out in the procedure.

Canada also allows importation of vehicles. However, the ones that are usually prioritized are those which have been manufactured in the US or in Mexico. Whether the vehicle is used or new, so long as it is manufactured from one of these locations, then there are fewer steps to take. For cars which are not made in US or Mexico, Canada imposes extra restrictions. The vehicle should be made within the same year of importation. Aside from that it should be specifically created to fit with the North American standards.

Concerns When Shipping Vehicles to Canada

Owners of the vehicle need to settle some of the requirements and concerns before proceeding with the car shipment.

First is to know the right procedures. This means that the owner should check with authorities if the model and make of the vehicle is within the list of cars which can be imported to Canada. It has to be confirmed with customs too if the vehicle would pass their standards.

The car might need to have some modifications before it is allowed to be imported to Canada. Obtain a complete list of requirements, from headlights up to the emission, then have the car checked to see if it complies with the standards that are set by the government. The Canada Motor Vehicle Act is the basis of the car guidelines which should be strictly followed.

Prepare the necessary documents too. Among the documents that are needed is the invoice for the vehicle which serves as the proof of purchase. If the vehicle has not been fully paid yet or if it is still tied up with a financing company in the country where it originated, then it is necessary to obtain notarized permission from the lending company or bank. The current registration, manufacturer’s details and a copy of the owner’s driver’s license are needed too.

Fees and Payments

Aside from settling the service fees of the international car shipping company, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the required taxes and duties. There is a customs duty which has to be paid by the owner before the vehicle is cleared and released. Aside from that, the vehicle will also be subjected to Value Added Tax. The amount of VAT will depend on the value of the car which will be imported. For new cars, the basis would be the purchase price. For used cars, authorities will assess the current value and compute the VAT based on it. Other fees which need to be paid include the RIV fee and excise tax.

When it comes to getting the exact amount to pay, customers should be able to get assistance from the international car shipping company. That way, they would not be left guessing as to how much the total costs would reach.