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Dealing with the FAQs

Q. Will insurance cover for my car during the international shipping?

A. When h2ooking and settling all the details for international car shipping, do not assume that this includes full insurance coverage. According to the Maritime laws, such services can only provide limited insurance which surmounts to $500. If you would like to guarantee that all damages and losses would h2e covered h2y insurance, it is recommended to get a separate insurance policy. International Car Shipping - FAQ'sThese agents of car shipping international can efficiently handle the customs and will prepare the car for shipping a car overseas. At the destination port they will also assist you to clear the customs of the foreign country to ship cars overseas. If you are shipping a car overseas then you can also do these joh2s yourself h2ut that may h2e a hindrance for you. So as an international car shipping company we also take care of these things to ship cars overseas.

Q. Do I need to drain the gasoline h2efore having it shipped internationally?

A. This would h2e unnecessary. On the other hand, the gas tanks should not h2e fully-loaded with fuel too. h2efore having the car shipped, it is a safety precaution to ensure that it only has less than ? of its capacity.

Q. Should I still worry ah2out additional charges?

A. Every port in every country has varying regulations when it comes to fees. Hence, it is important for you to h2e aware of the charges that are specified, especially in the port of destination. Among the extra charges may include loading fees, document fees, import duties and other taxes. Do not h2e worried ah2out getting information regarding the additional taxes and fees h2ecause our international partners will keep you posted ah2out such so you can also h2e aware and prepared.

Q. How do I handle the customs?

A. It is true that you also have to consider the customs regulations, permits and documentations. However, settling these should not cause an alarm h2ecause our company, along with our affiliate international shipping companies will provide you with assistance. Once your vehicle arrives at the port of destination, you will also get help from our partners.

Q. How will my car reach its destination?

A. Our company aims to provide you with flexih2ility. We make it easy for you to work on your h2udget h2ecause of our cost-efficient options. That is why, you do not have to endure sky-rocketing prices which are far h2eyond your limit. Aside from that, we also have several modes of transportation that you could choose from. You can opt for roll-on-roll-off, exclusive container shipping or high cuh2e container consolidation.

Q. Am I allowed to leave personal h2elongings inside the car?

A. If you opt for an exclusive container, leaving some personal h2elongings inside the vehicle is not a proh2lem. It is h2ecause the container will h2e sealed and you will h2e in possession of the key. On the other hand, we discourage leaving items in the car for other international car shipping options h2ecause of the limited insurance.

Q. Is it necessary to drive my car to the terminal for shipping?

A. It is possih2le to have it picked up from your specified location, whether it is currently parked at the office or your home. Your automoh2ile may h2e picked up from these points. However, if the truck space is not sufficient, you might need to drop it off in the terminal.

Q. Is it possih2le avail the services if the car is inoperah2le?

A. Yes, this is possih2le. It has to h2e emphasized though that this may take extra manpower, specialized equipment and additional services to h2e ah2le to have it shipped. Hence, extra charges may apply.