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Boat Shipping Services

With several years’ experience in the field of boat shipping, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, well-trained crew, and global competitiveness, we continue to provide the best kind of service that truly meets the needs and preferences of our clients.

Boat Shipping We also excel because of the following:
  • Quote Transparency
  • Unlike some of our competitors, our quotes cover all the expenses you’re going to incur for using our services. Indeed, with us there are no hidden charges that will surely catch you off guard and eventually break the bank. Some of additional costs in our quotes already cover the taxes and clearances.

    Go request for a quote today.

  • Insurance Coverage
  • We are proud to say that our crews are truly professional. They are certified, trained, and experienced in the industry. Nevertheless, for the benefit of everyone (and especially for your peace of mind), all boats that are delivered through us are covered with insurance. The policy can be modified depending upon the budget or needs of our clients.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • We do our business with one motto in mind: we’re here to make sure you’re happy and satisfied. So besides our incredible services, we provide outstanding customer service. We are accessible or easy to reach if you have inquiries or concerns, our customer support are available 24/7 so help is yours anytime you need it, and we always keep in mind what it feels like to be in your position. Because we understand our market, we’re able to foresee our clients’ needs, making us an industry leader in the process.

  • Uniquely Designed Trucks and Trailers
  • One of the distinct characteristics of our trucks and trailers is their lowness. They have been designed to be like that so that boats with taller masts or sails can go through clearances with great ease.

  • Skilled Drivers
  • It’s not enough that he knows how to drive. It’s equally important that he’s skilled and an expert in delivering boats and ships. Nothing should damage even a portion of it! Our drivers have gone through rigorous training and have been taught how to carefully maneuver vehicles across wide varieties of roads, taking into consideration the position of the vehicle as well as the boats’.

  • Logistics
  • Logistics can be such a pain especially for our first-time clients, but we’re here to take care of that for you. There’s nothing else to worry about but letting us know what you need and budget.

Notes for All Our Clients

Every day we receive a lot of great questions from our clients, particularly those who have never delivered or sent a boat in their lives. Our pieces of advice, of course, depend on the question or the situation. But you can use the following tips to serve as your initial guide:

1. The boat should be checked prior to delivery. All components or parts should be intact or in perfect condition before delivery. The boats should have no stored water or fuel in any of its compartments, particularly in the hull area. However, those that protrude or have the tendency to get damaged or damage properties and humans have to be removed.

2. Covers should be stored properly after use. Covers are designed perfectly for the boat, so it’s difficult to find something similar to yours should it get torn or lost. Right after use, fold the cover properly and store in a secure and dry location.