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Online booking

Online booking is meant to help international shipping companies and their clients to properly keep track of deliveries. It also allows the former to be more competitive as the system can be a great add-on to their services. Meanwhile, it’s meant to speed up the shipping process and provide convenience to the client.

However, online booking can also be a source of a huge problem especially if one doesn’t know how to use it to its fullest. To help you out, here are our tips on how to go about the system:

1. Set up an account in the online website. Not all online booking sites allow you to do this, so they’re a lot faster and easier to deal with. However, by creating your own username and password, you’ll have your own “space” where you can monitor all types of deliveries. A login account becomes handy as well when you do plenty of businesses with the same company or when you have multiple vehicles to deliver.

2. Read the terms and conditions. Before you can finally go on with the login process, the online website will prompt you with the terms and conditions. Make sure that you read all the provisions and that if you don’t agree with one of them, do not click the button that says you agree to it. You can refer your concern to the company’s customer support.

3. Explore the features. The kinds of features you can enjoy in your own login depends on the software developer and the company, but usually details such as the number of vehicles delivered, the date of delivery, amount to be paid, and personal information can be searched easily or are collated.

4. Fill out all the necessary information. When there’s a vehicle that has to be delivered, you need to fill out all the needed data like the types of car to be delivered, their destination, and your budget. Take note that the budget depends on a number of things, including the fees to be paid in securing permits and clearances. If you don’t know how to set a budget, contact customer support. You can also refer to the guidelines or fees set by your own government, particularly customs. Normally, though, the system generates a quote. It doesn’t have the exact amount to be paid, but it’s close. (Some companies, however, can give you exact quotes, which means there are no additional charges to pay upon delivery.)

5. Identify your method of shipment. There are actually many ways on how to deliver the vehicle, and it’s ideal to choose an international shipping company that offers a good number of them. Some options include RORO (roll on, roll off), where goods such as vehicles are transported from one vessel to another. A professional driver has to move the vehicle across these two ships. Another choice is the exclusive shipping, where you get your own container and have more authority as to how the goods are shipped from one point to another. There are pros and cons for each, so take your time when choosing.

6. Determine if you have to pay right away. Sometimes you don’t. In other times you’ll be asked to make a down payment, which may be 25 to 50 percent of the total shipping costs.

7. Know the date of receipt. There’s no standard date of receipt or when the vehicle will arrive at your chosen destination. A lot of things can affect the delivery such as the weather, international restrictions, and distance. Nevertheless, the company can give you the most ideal time. You can use it to keep track of your order. If it doesn’t arrive on the date indicated in your online booking, you can contact the company right away.