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Standard Auto Shipping Services

Are you planning to have your car shipped overseas? It’s extremely important that you choose the company very well—one that is reliable and worthy of the trust.

Our company has been around for a long time, enough for us to know international car shipping like the back of our hand. We are very proud of our team, composed of a myriad of specialists who work closely together to provide the services our clients definitely need. We are good not only during in transit. We are there from start to finish.

We can deliver to more than a hundred locations all over the world and have partners in these areas to ensure smooth and fast delivery of the vehicle. Yes, we see to it that we are there during loading and unloading.

Aside from our different kinds of services, our clients can look forward to full coverage of the vehicle for your peace of mind.

How to Prepare the Vehicles

We have certified car specialists who will look into your vehicle, making sure that they are in perfect condition. Your car provider can also do that for you. Of course, as an owner, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in excellent order prior to delivery overseas.

One of the things you need to watch out for is leak, especially if the fluid is already fuel. Speaking of fuel, the tank should hold no more than a fourth of it. The doors and windows must be properly closed or shut and that all components are included in the vehicle. If there are certain parts that are not mounted yet such as the stereo, they must be removed from the vehicle and given to our staff for proper safekeeping. Any kind of modification that has been done on the vehicle must be declared in our documents.

Extra Services

We are different from our competitors because we are more than ready to go the extra mile. For one, we deliver from door to door. We can pick up the vehicle from your address and ensure that it’s delivered to your specified address on time or even ahead of the schedule. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We guarantee all top-load shipping and provide you with the best estimates as for its arrival. Our quotes include every cost that is associated with the delivery, including clearances and permits. There are no hidden fees to pay with us. Before the item is shipped, we also give you its excellent valuation.

How We Perform Inspection

1. Make sure that you or a designated representative is present upon the delivery and receipt of the vehicle. Some documents have to be signed personally.

2. A condition report must be filled out and checked before and after the delivery of the item.

3. You or your representative needs to check the vehicle, comparing what has been written on the report to the actual condition of the vehicle upon receipt. Any inconsistencies must be reported before our company representative leaves the area. Furthermore, such inaccuracies or damages must be duly noted in the bill of lading and handed out to our company representative. We will then look into the matter immediately.